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  • Beatrix Azfar

Outcome (Stage 1)

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

I really wanted to print the simplified 6 step process of paper making onto my homemade paper as an outcome. I thought this would look effective and clearly illustrate the process.


I tried to put my paper in a printer but it didn't work well. My paper was too thick and the texture of it was too uneven.


I thought about using Lino printing as a way around this.

Lino or Linoleum is made with a mix of renewable natural materials: primarily linseed oil, which comes from flax seeds, plus other natural ingredients such as jute, cork powders, wood flours and tree resins.

Making it biodegradable!! Which fit perfectly inline with my theme of recycling.

I drew out a icon for each step of my process before I transferred it to the lino to then be cut and printed.

I ended up changing step 4 from flatten to roll as I thought it worked better.

I'm happy with this outcome.

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