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  • Beatrix Azfar

RESEARCH: Dark Arts Coffee, Hideout Coffee.



I discovered these two coffee shop brands via instagram. Dark Arts is based in Hackney and Japan. Hideout is based in Portsmouth.

They both have a similar branding style - both of which I absolutely love.

They both use a heavy weighted serif typeface - it gives me an old school vibe which is so nice in my opinion. Dark Arts also uses a more modern sans serif typeface which contrasts but also compliments the primary serif font choice.

They both use illustrations in their branding, the illustrations are modern takes on vintage tattoo style designs - the unshaded black work works better than if a more traditional full colour design was used. I love this style of tattooing, many of my own tattoos are in that style.

I think this style looks so good. Maybe something with my own illustrations and a more experimental layout design could work for my project.

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