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  • Beatrix Azfar

RESEARCH: Film Graphic Props

TopBoy- in the scene about immigrationthe document design and passport designs are great. They look so authentic.

The Royal Tenenbaums - I'm not sure if I like the graphics that much in this film, I wasn't inspired by them at all.

Moonrise Kingdom- I love the hand-written elements all throughout this film . it feels very personal.

The Favourite- This film was strange, there wasn't much graphic props I could recognise but there was a specific style of type setting which I do love.

Aladdin- this film wasn't so great for my research but I did love it

Cinderella- this film was also not good for my research but Prince Charming is very good looking

Joker- Holy shit this films incredible, there's a scene where he's lying in bed and in the shot you can see a cigarette packet and newspaper on the floor. Those two props are exquisite.

I drew this because I was inspired by Joker so much.

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