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The Age Of Un-Enlightenment 

The Age of Un-enlightenment is an artist book/publication highlighting the issue of surveillance and ignorance caused by the paradigm shift of social media and psychographic data analysis – targeted advertising and the human contribution to the matter. 

Which I explored within my dissertation “To what extent does Psychographic Data Analysis harm political autonomy? and analysis on the designer’s impact.” 

All internet and smart phone users contribute to the issue of surveillance capitalism, we unknowingly give our data to those in powerful positions - who, unfortunately, have and will use it to manipulate us into buying into their own rhetoric or product. Anyone with internet access and/or a smart phone is the intended audience of this piece. 


Within the publication I used hand drawn – doodle type illustration. This was to really bring in the human element to this issue – using digital drawings could appear too reminiscent of the technological culture that has been the catalyst for these issue. The hand drawn illustration has a nice separation from the content whilst also amplifying it. Within the visuals in the publication there is frequent use of the eye to show the surveillance as well as inferred and blatant messaging and a continuous nod to the human input and interaction – whether that’s intentional or not - into this new age of un-enlightenment.

Exhibited at the Millbank Tower (2020)

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